Did you know traditional plastic packaging, without additives, can take more than a thousand years to biodegrade when discarded? At CulinAero, we’ve made the decision to switch to eco-friendly packaging and silverware for our concessions fare and boxed meals. We’re working out of remaining inventory, but soon we’ll be using 100% bio-degradable containers for our salads and boxed lunches, TerraPac™, from Sabert’s line of compostable packaging.


Our silverware comes from Enviroware. It’s designed to interact with micro-organisms present in composters and landfills, or almost anywhere, including oceans, lakes and forests. These micro-organisms metabolize the molecular structure of the plastic, breaking it down into soil. Enviroware sustainable products have the same structural strength, properties and shelf life as traditional plastic products. The products contain an average of 21.8% pre-consumer recycled materials and 100% recycled carbon dioxide making them green at the beginning and at the end of their lifecycle.
Alaina Williams, our general manager, believes we can take a leadership position in the convention center food and beverage service by continuing to implement environmentally friendly ideas and ways into our operation and everyday thinking.
Whether small steps or large-scale operational changes, CulinAero is rising to the environmental challenge and inspiring others to live greener. We know we’re operating differently and we believe we’re making a difference.


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