No Ordinary Sandwich

July 17, 2012

By Chef Doug Kieley
I like this story because it’s a perfect example of how when something is good — really good — two things always seem to happen: customers love it and ask for it; they won’t let it get away. And second, chefs and menu planners, like me, are often inspired by its popularity and have the unique opportunity to include it in interesting recipes.
Here is the origin of the bread we use in a very popular sandwich we serve here at the GICC:
Once while I was working in Huntsville, Ala., I made French toast from homemade cranberry-orange bread. We made the bread by rolling the fruit and some spices into the dough. At the time, I was trying to add in interesting – and tasty – twist to a popular and ordinary breakfast favorite.


It was a huge hit with our regular customers. As always with feature items, we took it off of the menu after a couple weeks but our customers kept asking for it. Even customers who had never been to our restaurant were asking for it.
At CulinAero, we did the same thing. We used the same bread to make a sandwich to spice up a turkey sandwich. And now the sandwich is enjoying the same fanfare!
• Cranberry-Orange bread, thick-sliced
• Smoked turkey breast, shaved
• Fresh mayonnaise with tarragon and lemon juice
• Havarti cheese
• Granny Smith apples, sliced thin and sautéed
Make your turkey sandwich with these ingredients, and I promise no one will confuse this with the turkey and cheese sandwich they’re accustomed to.
We frequently serve this popular menu item in our VIP lunches and occasionally feature it in our deli buffets.


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