There’s an old saying that all bacon is good, and some bacon is better. If you like bacon, you’re going to love ours. We prepare and serve thick-sliced bacon that we smoke right here in our kitchen with pecan wood.   We start with hearty, extra lean slabs of bacon. We trim the rind, and […]

Our Paninis Pack a Punch

October 16, 2012

We’re proud of our CulinAero sandwiches. Sandwiches are popular lunch items, and no one at the GICC will ever get a humdrum combination of meat and bread. CulinAero Paninis are proof!   Our Panini sandwiches start with a baguette, a long, thin loaf of French bread, that’s so tasty it could be a meal by […]

CulinAero stands for fresh and high-quality and locally-sourced ingredients. Besides local, fresh produce and meats, we do our best to include artisan cheeses in our dishes. Produced by hand using the traditional craftsmanship of skilled cheese makers, these cheeses feature uncommonly complex flavors and textures.   We couldn’t be happier to have found the most […]