Considering Food Trends

January 18, 2013

Fresh seasonal fruit. Trendy? Nah.

A recent article in the Atlanta Business Journal got us thinking about food “trends.” Several chefs mentioned the continued popularity of farm-to-table, with an increasing interest in humanely-raised poultry and meat.

CulinAero is a regular purveyor of farm-fresh fruits and vegetables and local sources for meat, cheeses and more. We regularly use fresh, seasonal herbs to accent our dishes, and we will be glad to prepare a gluten free menu. We have sources for organically and humanely raised poultry and meat. We regularly think of these things as smarter, more ethical and more nutritious. We strive to be accommodating, and this way of operating is not a passing fad.
That is not to say that we can’t or won’t do something we really do consider trendy. Some items are not on our regular menu (goat, anyone?), but are well within our capability to procure and serve masterfully.
Plan a menu with Chef Kieley. We want the cuisine to be a truly memorable part of your event.


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