One of things I love about CulinAero is the quality of the food we’re committed to prepare. See, many people who dine here admit to us unabashedly how they’re taken aback by the quality of the food we serve — in a convention hall. And guess what? We get it! Of course, they are!   […]

This week we’ll have Georgia Organics in the house for their annual conference. It’s an exciting and busy time for us. The culminating event of the gathering will be the Farmers Feast on Saturday evening, for which several celebrated chefs and restaurants are contributing their talents and food. We will prepare a special dessert: organic […]

The CulinAero Kitchen

February 14, 2013

If you’ve ever prepared a feast in your own kitchen, you have a small inkling of what it’s like in ours before serving a gourmet meal for 3,000 guests. People, prep work, tools, temperatures, timing, techniques… It’s truly a science and an art.   Having a clean, well-organized space helps. We are happy to work […]

If the sliders for our recent tasting weren’t enough to get you going, the desserts were this knockout threesome of deliciousness: scrumptious Turtle Cheesecake (top), our lovely Tiramisu (middle), followed by a luscious Chocolate Bread Pudding.   Turtle Cheesecake   Tiramisu   Chocolate Bread Pudding