It’s spring! So nice to see the grass fresh and green and the flowers blooming. For many of us, it’s also the time to invigorate the small plots in our backyards. I’m always happy to hear people talk about their gardens and even happier when they mention herbs they grow.
I’m a huge fan of herbs. Why? Several reasons, actually. The main one is that hardly anything enhances the flavor of food like fresh herbs do. Herbs have distinct flavors and make foods taste and smell fresh. Second, it’s so simple; there’s nothing to it — clean, chop and add. It’s hardly an additional step in the kitchen and takes little to no space or clean up. And they’re so easy to grow. Even if you don’t have a garden, potted herb plants work well and can be tended on the porch or at the side of the house. But my favorite thing about herbs is how easily they bring exciting flavor twists to everyday, otherwise plain dishes like eggs, pastas, potatoes and salads. Trust me on this one: Just add parsley to a burger or cilantro to scrambled eggs and see how quickly you’ll be applauded for your culinary genius!
Here are some of my favorite herbs. Notice how none of these are rare or difficult to find; they’re each very common and available in the produce department of your favorite grocery or farmers market — or, better yet — nursery, where you can go to start your own garden. In my next blog entries, I’ll share some of my favorite herbs and how I like to include them in my favorites dishes at home and at CulinAero. Happy cooking!
•  Basil
•  Cilantro
•  Mint
•  Rosemary
•  Thyme
•  Oregano
•  Parsley
•  Chives
•  Dill
•  Sage
•  Tarragon


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