Here’s a great summer recipe. Why? It’s easy, fast, tasty, light, fun to make, and you can make lots extra and serve leftovers later hot or cold. Pretty good, huh? And, here’s something else I love about this: the more you make this recipe, the better it gets. It’s one of those recipes you can […]

Making Meat Tender

May 16, 2013

  Everyone prefers buttery soft beef and poultry. We’re lead to believe that tenderness is mostly determined by the cut and quality of the meat product. While that’s a perfectly valid position, tenderness can be determined by how the meat is treated both before and after hitting the grill to make the texture as soft […]


May 9, 2013

Allie Awards.   The name “Allies” represents the idea of event companies “allied” for the greater good in Atlanta. The Allies is our local industry’s celebration of excellence in event design, planning and production. We recognize and award the people whose work is outstanding, but moreover whose determination to deliver memorable experiences distinguishes the value […]

Our Praline Apple Pie

May 2, 2013

  Everyone likes apple pie, right? At CulinAero we’ve been serving ours lately with a little spin that’s made it even more “likable.”   We make a homemade praline sauce by cooking down butter, cream and brown sugar until it has the consistency and look of caramel. We drizzle it over the pie, and finish […]