Remember back when your grocery had a few types of hot sauce, maybe a couple brands of salsa, back before McDonald’s offered breakfast burritos? Way different today, huh? Today Mexican-inspired food is very popular, and taquerias are everywhere.   So … where am I going with this? I want you to make leftovers exciting! Next […]

One more pitch for fresh tomatoes! (Can you tell I’m dreading the fall and winter and the hard, waxy pinkish tomatoes we’ll find in the produce department?!)   Here’s a super, simple tomato salad. What I love about this is how the simplicity of the ingredients makes the pure flavors of the tomatoes and blue […]

If you’ve read some of these entries, you’ve likely seen that I like to use fruits and vegetables that are seasonal and fresh as can be. So, as summer slips away, I’m here to beg you to enjoy tomatoes while you’re able! Find a roadside vegetable stand or your friends who have gardens, get some […]

Become the Toast Master

July 10, 2013

  We’ve been writing about breakfast items, and I had a thought I wanted to share about the second most famous breakfast item of all — toast! Ah, yes, toast! (I suspect eggs are the most famous.)   Usually everyone likes toast. We like the way it tastes. See, the heat in the toasting process […]

Tomato Feta Salad

July 2, 2013

Where we live in Georgia, it’s common for people to have tomato plants even if they don’t have gardens so they can enjoy the rich summertime flavor of fresh tomatoes. I love this recipe. As you might know I appreciate recipes that are easy to prepare. We’re all busy as it is, so I try […]