Make a salad and leave out the lettuce.   The key to a really good vegetable salad isn’t using hard to find ingredients or tossing and timing. It’s about combining the right ingredients to achieve a nice balance of tough with tender, mild with sharp and earthy with sweet. Use these basic rules for […]

Be a Butter Baster

August 12, 2013

You want restaurant flavor? Butter basting in an iron skillet is a great way to add flavor and color to your meat dishes. The spooned brown butter carries heat and flavor to every crevice on the meat surface.   Once the meat has been seared and cooked almost to the way you desire, add butter […]

Cooking is Cool

August 5, 2013

For younger people, it’s typically difficult to imagine the world I grew up in: culinary school wasn’t hip, there were no cooking shows, let alone full-fledged networks; Julia Child was the only celebrity chef and there were no such thing as food trucks that served incredible creations.   I’m often asked about my opinion on […]