Brussels sprouts have become mighty popular in recent years. They’re delicious and just as nutritious. I love all of the different ways they can be prepared. It doesn’t take much effort to create unique flavor profiles with the same vegetable. Most of the time, I cut them in half, toss them in olive oil and […]

  Occasionally someone will ask me about cookware. Sometimes they want to know about what types of pots pans are best for certain methods or dishes, but most of the time people want to know if we think it makes sense to plop down lots of money on the fancy designed, big brand cookware they […]

Social media provides cooks of all types and foodies alike new ways to share their creations. If you spend any time on Facebook or, especially, Instagram, you see peoples’ homemade dishes. I love this. It inspires me. The search function places almost whatever I want right in front of me. So, take advantage of this […]

On Presentation

January 2, 2014

We’ve talked a lot about why we enjoy collaborating with event planners in the very beginning of the planning process. Many of the advantages of doing this are economical. When we work with the planner who understands the group and the budget, we’re able to customize meals and menus to maximize the budget.   There’s […]