Almost Easter, and for many, hams will be the centerpieces of holiday dinner tables.   Ever notice those perfectly cross-hatched incisions in the fat of the ham when you see ham featured in cooking magazines? Of course, you have. Just like the grill marks on a steak — sort of.   It makes the […]

Packaging Makes Perfect

March 20, 2014

We talk a lot about presentation, the way we plate food, display it on buffet tables, garnish dishes to improve aesthetic appeal. It’s part of the eating experience, and it makes a difference. Fact is food prepared impeccably won’t excite diners like good food that’s beautiful to the eye. I’ve seen this with my own […]

In case you didn’t know, distilled white vinegar is mighty valuable. Yesterday, for the millionth time, it occurred to me how under-appreciated it is. In the morning I added a few tablespoons to the liquid in my crockpot in which I cooked my pork roast. Then, I cleaned my coffee maker with 2 cups of […]