What is the best way to keep your event attendees engaged and excited? The answer is not just food, but how you display it. Catered food should taste delicious, but look even better. Keep reading for 4 creative food displays you can incorporate into your next catered event.

Repurposed Tools of the Trade
Depending on the theme of the event, repurpose the group’s tools of the trade to add a personalized touch. Catering for a group of scientists? Transform test tubes into shots of fresh pressed juices or use beakers to pour drinks. Other idea: use distressed wood planks to serve meals to attendees in the construction industry.

Fruit Bouquet Centerpiece
Now your centerpiece can double as an appetizer! Mix seasonal fruits covered with chocolate or cut into floral shapes for a fruity take on a usual bouquet. Mix fruits of all colors for a beautiful variety. Don’t forget the tasty dipping sauce!  Fill around the “stems” with leafy greens for added color and style.

Pick Your Own
Interacting with your food is one way to earn it. Make mealtime personal by setting up a small garden or farmer’s market to allow guests to select the ingredients for their made-to-order meal. Fresh from farm to table, guests will enjoy seeing the fruits of their labor come to life from the stalk to their plate.

Life-size Food Tower
Your mother always told you not to play with your food, but you’re an adult now. Use the shape of the snack to your benefit by stacking snack bars or catered sandwich boxes to create a life-sized Jenga tower. Are your snacks too small or too messy for Jenga? Use boxed products to create towers of art, like Coca-Cola did for their yearly event at The Georgia International Convention Center.

With a little bit of creativity, no event will lack in luster with these inspired food displays.

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