Gone are the days where “healthy” and “delicious” are mutually exclusive. With an upward trend of deliciously healthy dishes, the opportunities are endless for your health-conscious catering needs. Your attendees won’t even recognize the difference!

Start with a Salad Bar
Appetizers tend to skew towards the high-carb, fried varieties. Save the crab cakes, cheese platters and fried chicken skewers and replace them with personal salad jars or a DIY salad bar. With a variety of toppings and healthy dressings, no attendee will go hungry before the meal is served.

Serve Naturally Sweetened Sips
Ditch the sugary sodas for a lighter treat – fruit-infused water or tea. Our favorite infused H20 recipes include cucumber + mint, raspberry + lemon and lemon + lime. Attendees will enjoy their time trying new flavors and may even incorporate them into their own diets post-event!

Eat Your Veggies
Fresh and locally grown vegetables from FreshPoint Inc. make all the different in our meals. Sautéed spinach, grilled squash and roasted tomatoes make the most delicious side dishes for your main course.

Fill up on Lean Proteins
Instead of serving heavy meats like cheeseburgers or pork chops, replace the main dish with a lean protein like grilled chicken breast or salmon. Both proteins pair well with lemon and pepper, while chicken tastes delicious with rosemary. Hit sweet notes in salmon with a savory chipotle spice.

How do you keep meals healthy, yet scrumptious?
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