3 Creative Table Settings

September 11, 2017

Presentation is everything when it comes to elevating your event catering. Creative table settings can be hard to come by, but essential for delivering your tasty creations. To create an impressive table setting, think about how you can incorporate your event’s theme into the presentation. The following examples will help jumpstart your creative process.

Food is Art Palette
Your food is truly a work of art; its presentation should not interfere with the experience. For the ATL Airport District’s annual meeting, our chefs created a masterpiece to further enhance the meeting’s “Art of Transformation” theme. Using a painter’s palette as inspiration for the breakfast plate, yogurt was transformed into a mini paint can, fruit skewers slid on to a small paintbrush and fruit extract splashed the plate. Taking the art theme one step further was essential to elevating this event with the smallest of touches.

Straight from the Stovetop
Nothing is fresher than food direct from the source. In this case, it’s served straight from the stovetop. Prepare, cook, then serve your food in the same dish for a sense of authenticity you can’t find anywhere else. The best utensils for both cooking and serving the meal are cast iron skillets, ramekins and wood planks. Just make sure your serving plate has thoroughly cooled before serving it to your guests.

Feel at Home
Make your attendees feel right at home with a setup like mom used to have. Using mismatched chairs and traditional dining tables, your guests will feel comfortable and cozy around the family dining table. This type of atmosphere works very well in a casual setting and should encourage conversations throughout your teams. Mismatched china and antique glasses can add just the right amount of kitschy comfort for your family-style meal.

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