Food can leave an impression on attendees, but this doesn’t mean your spread must be extravagant or plentiful in a variety of options. You can create a simple menu that impresses without going overboard. Sometimes less is more, which can be the case when you’re working with a budget. Read on for our menu simplification tips.

Stick to the Basics
Cover your bases with the basics everyone enjoys. Make sure you have a strong appetizer, salad, main course and dessert. By choosing popular and widely-loved menu items, attendees will be pleased with the offerings even if there isn’t a large variety of options. Work with your caterer to identify popular dishes and use that as a starting point to build your menu. No one will be missing out on the cheesy squash casserole if you’re offering delicious macaroni and cheese.

Presentation is Everything
Disguise the simplicity of your dish in creative and tasteful ways. If executed correctly, an elaborate table setting which highlights the theme of the event could possibly make a turkey sandwich look exquisite and thoughtful. Likewise, by turning the food into a presentation in its own will please your guests. For example, a scoop of mashed potatoes may be a bore, but mashed potatoes served in the shape of a sunflower will impress.

Make it Customizable
A baked potato can seem simply plain Jane. Add in a DIY toppings bar and the outcomes are endless (and delicious)! Giving attendees the option to personalize their meal through interactive stations will ensure each guest is satisfied with a dish made their way.

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