In providing food and services to a large group of people, we have some responsibility to maintain a level of sustainability in all provisions. When developing your catering menu, consider the items below to make your meeting’s impact on our planet a little better.

Source Local + Seasonal Ingredients
When you bring your meeting to a destination, you have the opportunity to impact the community in more ways than economically through room nights. Did you know CulinAero prides itself on offering a fresh experience with every meal? We source organic produce locally from surrounding areas to provide options for farm-to-table menus. In addition to serving local produce, make sure to design your menu around your meeting’s season. Let seasonal produce dominate your catering menu for the most sustainable and cost-friendly options.

Ditch Disposable Serveware*
*Unless it’s recyclable! And then, make sure to recycle it!
You can reduce your meeting’s waste by sticking to ceramic mugs over styrofoam cups and serving iced or fruit-infused water in a beverage dispenser with a spout instead of bottled! Did you know that cans are infinitely recyclable? Glass is harder to recycle than aluminum and most cities have now discontinued recycling glass receptacles. When choosing your beverages for the bar, opt for a canned option over bottled drinks.

Plan Portions Accurately
Excessive leftovers are typically a result of poor planning. Be specific with measuring the amount of food needed per guest. If you’d rather be liberal with the quantity of food, come up with a plan. Can you get creative with your leftovers if there’s surplus? If you can’t think of a way to reuse any leftover food, look into local food donation options.

Consider More Meatless Options
Health benefits aside, centering meals around vegetables are a more sustainable catering option. Fundamentally, growing produce requires far fewer resources than raising livestock – free-range or not. We understand that a totally meatless menu is not an option for all meetings, but consider providing a strong vegetarian option instead of two different meat options. Should you choose to offer meat, let us help you source the protein fresh from farms in the area.

How have you seen catering menus adopt a sustainable angle? Tweet us at @TheGICC with new ways for our team to try.


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