Autumn is known for its pumpkins and gourds, but what produce is in-season in the winter?
Plenty of comforting foods that make up the perfect ingredients for a cozy meal. When it’s cold
outside, warmth is something you seek. Curl up next to the fire and enjoy the freshest flavors
from the following winter meals.

Nothing is more comforting in the cold of the wintertime than a big steaming bowl of creamy
soup. At the peak of freshness this time of year, versatile parsnips make a delicious soup when
roasted. The flavor of these root vegetables, much like carrots, is accented well with seasonings
like nutmeg, cinnamon and allspice, evoking the taste of the holidays on a spoon.

A hot appetizer menu item, especially in the South, is brussel sprouts. Most often oven-roasted
and seasoned with a hint of bacon, these sprouts are a delicious precursor to southern-cooked
comfort food like fried chicken and mac and cheese. Pro tip: the smaller the brussel sprout, the
more tender and flavorful!

Citrusy fruits may seem like a refreshing summer treat, but oranges and mandarin oranges are
best enjoyed in the winter months. A warm, early morning treat of gooey orange cinnamon
rolls with a frosted glaze will make even the coziest cuddlebugs get out of their warm beds for a
taste. Oranges are also the perfect cocktail add-in to warm up your winter event.

As a starchy substitute to the white potato, turn any meal from boring to exquisite with just a
simple replacement – the sweet potato. We suggest turning a traditional sweet potato into
cubed hash with rosemary, kale and caramelized onions. The best part of this meal? It can be
served with breakfast, lunch or dinner!

Did we leave off your favorite winter ingredient?
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