We pride ourselves in providing the freshest food and boldest flavors year after year. 2018 is shaping up to be one of the most delicious and innovative years in catering and these are 3 trends we expect to make it to your plate this year!


Once reserved for backyard parties, barbecue flavors have begun to mingle with international entrées and sides. This classic American dish is popular because of its smoky flavors and pure tenderness foodies have grown to love.

Instagrammable Items

Purely in the presentation, catering must be camera-ready. Plating and serving styles play a large part in the perception of the food before it ever meets anyone’s taste buds. Dress it all up and give guests something to share on social media!


The last (and maybe most enjoyable) trend for 2018 we see making it to catered events are nostalgic foods. Just because we’ve grown up doesn’t mean we can’t have fun with our food! Take attendees on a trip down memory lane by catering with a s’mores station or popcorn machine.

And that wraps up our preview of the 2018 catering trends you should watch. We’ll be making room on our plates for all of these. Will you? Let us know what you’re most excited about by tweeting at us at @TheGICC!


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