Whether it’s with fingers or with forks, eating is always a highlight for weary event attendees.

Add some extra flare by getting creative with the ways you serve your attendees food. Science says we really “eat with our eyes.” Knowing that, if the food looks good, you’ve already won half the battle. Ready to win over eyes at your next event?

Incorporate a theme

Themes are an easy way to add a dimension of creativity to your food service options. Are wizards and magic involved? Use jars and odd shaped containers for your “potions.” Football? Stuff helmets with dry food options. The possibilities are endless.

Shrink things down

Smaller portions can mean more serving possibilities. Spoons, small kitchen mortars, toothpicks, and so on, can all be used to serve up your mini portions. Putting effort into delivering the small servings shows your attendees an attention to detail that both the eyes and tastebuds will appreciate.

     Using cocktail glassware for plating

Cocktail glasses are a terrific way to serve food with a twist. Martini and champagne glasses are already decorative and appealing in shape – why not stuff them with food? Smaller portions? Use a shot glass. Guests will be both surprised and impressed by your craftiness.

Think outside the box

When it comes to plating and serving food, your imagination has no limit. Look around your environment for inspiration. There are plenty of food and non-food items meant to store things. Your just need something easy to pick up and move. Wooden planks, fry baskets, test tubes, toothpicks; the list goes on and on. Have fun with it!

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