All of the work that happens behind the scenes of an event at the Georgia International Convention Center (GICC) can go unnoticed. Today, we are taking the opportunity to highlight a few of the excellent CulinAero chefs responsible for the food event attendees simply can’t get enough of.

Senior Executive Chef – David Bidwell

Senior Executive Chef David Bidwell is from Oshkosh, Wisconsin. When asked what was his favorite CulinAero dish, Chef Bidwell named the “caramelized local peaches, asparagus, tomatoes with cilantro vinaigrette.” His second favorite dish is Culinaero’s Cavatappi Amatriciana pasta with fresh local corn, roasted tomatoes, and spinach in tomato broth. At home, he has no limit on what he likes to cook. It could be Italian one night and Asian cuisine the next. Chef Bidwell’s most memorable food event was, “a Greek style spread we did for a wedding called Htipiti, made of garlic, feta, lemon juice and roasted tomatoes.” That sounds delicious!

Executive Chef – Nicholas Klug
Executive Chef Nicholas Klug is from DePere, Wisconsin, a suburb of Green Bay. His favorite CulinAero dish is the Duck Confit Ramen which is served with cilantro, asparagus, and chicken broth. When asked what he likes best about his work Chef Klug says, “The ability to be creative and keep challenging myself.” At home, Chef Klug’s favorites are Mexican, Korean, and Southern foods. We also asked him what’s the most unusual food request he’s received as a chef: “Pizza, no cheese.”   

Banquet Chef – Kendrick Mills

Banquet Chef Kendrick Mills is from “The Big Easy” New Orleans, Louisiana. His favorite CulinAero dishes are “Caprese Salad with fresh basil and balsamic reduction and Pan-seared Red Snapper with Mediterranean couscous.” At home, Chef Mills likes keeping things fresh in the kitchen with herbs from his garden. Soups are his favorite. “My new passion is fresh brewed Thai Basil and Lemongrass Tea – also from my garden,” he adds. When asked about his most memorable CulinAero event, Chef Mills responded, “I had a request for all pink food for an American Cancer Society event.” He also offered some advice for meeting planners: “Try to get an idea of what type of experience the client wants their guests to have. Sharing that with the culinary staff allows us to find creative ways through the palate and senses to evoke the feeling they want to convey.”


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