In providing food and services to a large group of people, we have some responsibility to maintain a level of sustainability in all provisions. When developing your catering menu, consider the items below to make your meeting’s impact on our planet a little better. Source Local + Seasonal Ingredients When you bring your meeting to […]

3 Creative Table Settings

September 11, 2017

Presentation is everything when it comes to elevating your event catering. Creative table settings can be hard to come by, but essential for delivering your tasty creations. To create an impressive table setting, think about how you can incorporate your event’s theme into the presentation. The following examples will help jumpstart your creative process. Food […]


May 9, 2013

Allie Awards.   The name “Allies” represents the idea of event companies “allied” for the greater good in Atlanta. The Allies is our local industry’s celebration of excellence in event design, planning and production. We recognize and award the people whose work is outstanding, but moreover whose determination to deliver memorable experiences distinguishes the value […]