Parlay Your Parfait

October 15, 2017

Healthy and refreshing or decadent and sweet, parfaits are an underrated treat that your meeting and event attendees are sure to enjoy. Plus, they’re simple to make! Serve them for breakfast, or whip up a sweet recipe and wow your guests with a mouthwatering dessert. Not sure where to start? We have a few ideas… […]

Skip the boring soup and salad and opt for these inventive bites that will leave your guests buzzing for more. Hors d’oeuvres set the tone for every attendee’s favorite part of the agenda – meal time! Make a good first impression by serving dishes that reflect the season, location or theme of the event. You […]

Food can leave an impression on attendees, but this doesn’t mean your spread must be extravagant or plentiful in a variety of options. You can create a simple menu that impresses without going overboard. Sometimes less is more, which can be the case when you’re working with a budget. Read on for our menu simplification […]

For many guests, food is the most important (and memorable) aspect of an event. As a planner, it’s not just about food quality but quantity as well. It’s vital to find a balance between too much and just enough food. You may be asking yourself, “How much food do I need for my event?” First, […]

Dessert: the grand finale of every meal. There’s a reason why we celebrate with cake! Dessert can be the most enjoyable – and memorable – part of any event, which is why we make sure our clients’ guests are ‘wowed’ every time. If you’re unsure of which direction to take, keep reading for outstanding creative […]

Broiled Ginger Oranges

March 14, 2013

So, it’s almost spring – but not quite, and you’re as ready to put away your coat as you are to see fresh summer produce back in your grocery. It’s starting to get warmer here in Atlanta, and we’re all ready for the change.   Here’s a dessert made with fresh fruit to hold you […]

This week we’ll have Georgia Organics in the house for their annual conference. It’s an exciting and busy time for us. The culminating event of the gathering will be the Farmers Feast on Saturday evening, for which several celebrated chefs and restaurants are contributing their talents and food. We will prepare a special dessert: organic […]

If the sliders for our recent tasting weren’t enough to get you going, the desserts were this knockout threesome of deliciousness: scrumptious Turtle Cheesecake (top), our lovely Tiramisu (middle), followed by a luscious Chocolate Bread Pudding.   Turtle Cheesecake   Tiramisu   Chocolate Bread Pudding