CulinAero offers an array of standard menus to choose from, but when your event is anything but ordinary you need an extraordinary custom menu to match. You can capture your vision with a perfectly crafted catering menu after asking yourself a few simple questions. What is the event? Are you planning a banquet with a […]

Fall is finally here, and with it comes the appetizing aroma of dishes adorned with seasonal produce. From butternut squash and brussel sprouts to pumpkin and sweet potatoes, serving up seasonal ingredients will have attendees falling for your event. Satisfy those savory cravings with these autumn recipes. Butternut Squash & Bacon Fall Breakfast Hash ● […]

In providing food and services to a large group of people, we have some responsibility to maintain a level of sustainability in all provisions. When developing your catering menu, consider the items below to make your meeting’s impact on our planet a little better. Source Local + Seasonal Ingredients When you bring your meeting to […]

Food can leave an impression on attendees, but this doesn’t mean your spread must be extravagant or plentiful in a variety of options. You can create a simple menu that impresses without going overboard. Sometimes less is more, which can be the case when you’re working with a budget. Read on for our menu simplification […]

Gone are the days where “healthy” and “delicious” are mutually exclusive. With an upward trend of deliciously healthy dishes, the opportunities are endless for your health-conscious catering needs. Your attendees won’t even recognize the difference!

Give a Kid a Pomegranate

October 24, 2013

Last week we wrote about how fruits and vegetables have peak seasons when they taste the best, are most available and available at the best prices!   I love pomegranates. Pomegranates are interesting. They’re interesting to look at and see how the little kernels are sectioned. The color is vibrant and beautiful. They have a […]

Great Grapes

October 17, 2013

  We’re extra spoiled when it comes to how we buy groceries. Grocery stores on every corner are packed with fresh vegetables and produce.   One of the things we tend to overlook is that all fruits and vegetables have peak seasons, the times when they’re best!   Now is the time to look for […]

Pico de Gallo (or Salsa Fresca)

September 19, 2013

We just wrote about nachos, and I thought about the difference between freshly made pico de gallo and store bought salsa in a jar. You know what I mean. Believe me, nothing compares to homemade salsa or pico de gallo. So, whether you add it to your nachos or serve it over salmon or skirt […]

One more pitch for fresh tomatoes! (Can you tell I’m dreading the fall and winter and the hard, waxy pinkish tomatoes we’ll find in the produce department?!)   Here’s a super, simple tomato salad. What I love about this is how the simplicity of the ingredients makes the pure flavors of the tomatoes and blue […]

If you’ve read some of these entries, you’ve likely seen that I like to use fruits and vegetables that are seasonal and fresh as can be. So, as summer slips away, I’m here to beg you to enjoy tomatoes while you’re able! Find a roadside vegetable stand or your friends who have gardens, get some […]

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