Gone are the days where “healthy” and “delicious” are mutually exclusive. With an upward trend of deliciously healthy dishes, the opportunities are endless for your health-conscious catering needs. Your attendees won’t even recognize the difference!

Chopping Fresh Herbs

April 11, 2013

Before I leave the topic of fresh herbs, I wanted to mention a few things about their preparation. Fresh herbs add a complexity of taste to a dish that is hard to match with dried herbs. But their size and shape can make them time consuming to prep. With a few pointers, you can prep […]

Extraordinary Oregano

April 4, 2013

I have a rather vigorous patch of oregano that’s been a staple in my garden for years. Ever so often I dig up a clump to pass on to friends who want an easy-to-grow herb that will come in handy in their kitchens.   Oregano is a common seasoning in Spanish, Mediterranean and Italian dishes. […]

In my last entry I wrote about cooking with herbs and promised to write a couple more posts about how you can cook with them.   Rosemary is a favorite of mine. It’s an evergreen perennial plant you can grow all year round. It produces small pretty blue flowers in the winter and about this […]

  It’s spring! So nice to see the grass fresh and green and the flowers blooming. For many of us, it’s also the time to invigorate the small plots in our backyards. I’m always happy to hear people talk about their gardens and even happier when they mention herbs they grow.   I’m a huge […]