In providing food and services to a large group of people, we have some responsibility to maintain a level of sustainability in all provisions. When developing your catering menu, consider the items below to make your meeting’s impact on our planet a little better. Source Local + Seasonal Ingredients When you bring your meeting to […]

Food can leave an impression on attendees, but this doesn’t mean your spread must be extravagant or plentiful in a variety of options. You can create a simple menu that impresses without going overboard. Sometimes less is more, which can be the case when you’re working with a budget. Read on for our menu simplification […]

Remember back when your grocery had a few types of hot sauce, maybe a couple brands of salsa, back before McDonald’s offered breakfast burritos? Way different today, huh? Today Mexican-inspired food is very popular, and taquerias are everywhere.   So … where am I going with this? I want you to make leftovers exciting! Next […]