How well have you been keeping up with your New Year’s Resolutions? Professional responsibilities, like lunch meetings, travel and conferences, often make it difficult to stick to fitness and diet goals.  With CulinAero, you can keep your resolutions intact with healthy menus, tasty alternatives and plenty of wholesome ingredients. The best part? Your attendees won’t […]

What is the best way to keep your event attendees engaged and excited? The answer is not just food, but how you display it. Catered food should taste delicious, but look even better. Keep reading for 4 creative food displays you can incorporate into your next catered event. Repurposed Tools of the Trade Depending on […]

Broiled Ginger Oranges

March 14, 2013

So, it’s almost spring – but not quite, and you’re as ready to put away your coat as you are to see fresh summer produce back in your grocery. It’s starting to get warmer here in Atlanta, and we’re all ready for the change.   Here’s a dessert made with fresh fruit to hold you […]

It was almost a year ago that we launched CulinAero, our new food and beverage service and our commitment to great tasting food and the pleasure of preparing it for and serving it to others.   What truly distinguished the transformation and provided the inspiration for a rebranded food service, was our focus on preparing […]

Also on the menu for last week’s tasting for Norfolk Southern: yummy sliders. Crab cake with Asian slaw sliders (top), and lobster on Hawaiian rolls:   And for dinner, we featured a pair of dynamic duos: Grilled free range chicken and wild salmon with chardonnay lemon butter sauce, saffron rice roasted veggies:   Duo of […]

As we mentioned last week, we are proud to be hosting Georgia Organics 16th Annual Conference & Expo in February. With a focus on the health benefits of farm-fresh food, the conference will feature keynote speaker Dr. Sanjay Gupta. From the Georgia Organics website:   “‘Farm Rx: A Prescription for Better Health,’ will bring together […]