Packaging Makes Perfect

March 20, 2014

We talk a lot about presentation, the way we plate food, display it on buffet tables, garnish dishes to improve aesthetic appeal. It’s part of the eating experience, and it makes a difference. Fact is food prepared impeccably won’t excite diners like good food that’s beautiful to the eye. I’ve seen this with my own […]

If you’re watching the Olympics, you might have seen some of the Chobani yogurt commercials. For years we’ve served yogurt as a side item in our breakfast offerings and as a nutritious snack option. Recently we added Chobani yogurt, a popular new brand of strained yogurt that’s perfect for CulinAero and our guests.   Chobani […]

Did you know traditional plastic packaging, without additives, can take more than a thousand years to biodegrade when discarded? At CulinAero, we’ve made the decision to switch to eco-friendly packaging and silverware for our concessions fare and boxed meals. We’re working out of remaining inventory, but soon we’ll be using 100% bio-degradable containers for our […]