During the holiday season, it’s easy to get wrapped up in over-indulgence and an abundance of sweets. While we love a good feast, sometimes it’s best to lighten up. Luckily at CulinAero, our farm-to-table organic produce makes every bite a delight with being a lighter and healthier option. We also use the freshest farm-raised meat […]

Today’s event attendee is looking for experiences worth sharing, whether it’s a selfie at an event or an Instagram-worthy photo of their meal. At CulinAero, we know presentation is everything and food wins on Instagram. Food is not only the first thing people will complain about, but also the first thing people will remember about […]

Here at CulinAero, we strive to include seasonal ingredients in our meal offerings.   Photo by Linh Pham   Why, you ask? For a handful of important reasons, like…   THE FLAVOR Foods picked at their peak tend to taste better. That’s a hard one to ignore, because we aim to serve our guests the […]

All of the work that happens behind the scenes of an event at the Georgia International Convention Center (GICC) can go unnoticed. Today, we are taking the opportunity to highlight a few of the excellent CulinAero chefs responsible for the food event attendees simply can’t get enough of. Senior Executive Chef – David Bidwell Senior […]

Summer gets pretty heated at the Georgia International Convention Center. In the blistering heat of Georgia summer, there’s nothing more refreshing than dishes and drinks that cool us off. Photo by Stefan Johnson on Unsplash Here are a few of our favorite salad and sips pairings that will keep guests feeling refreshed and lively throughout […]

How can we describe that almost-euphoric feeling of dining on CulinAero catered dishes? It isn’t easy. Some say that our dishes are delicious, but we won’t put words in your mouth (only food!). It can be challenging to perfectly describe the CulinAero experience, so, we’ll show you… with GIFs! This is the GIF story of […]

It’s beginning to feel a lot like summer, the season of wide-brimmed hats, ice-cold drinks and refreshing eats. Summer’s seasonal ingredients make for a stellar menu! You can feature traditional Southern dishes, refreshing salads, delicious veggie sides and more. If you’re looking to let your planning budget relax like you’ll do by the pool, make […]

Whether it’s with fingers or with forks, eating is always a highlight for weary event attendees. Add some extra flare by getting creative with the ways you serve your attendees food. Science says we really “eat with our eyes.” Knowing that, if the food looks good, you’ve already won half the battle. Ready to win […]

You know what they say, “April showers, spring flowers…in your breakfast!” Wait, you haven’t heard that one? Well, it’s true! The mystical wonders of this world include edible flowers. So if you’re looking to “wow” your guests with something unexpected, flowers that go beyond garnish are the next move. Here’s a handy list of well-known […]

If the spring season could be described with flavors, it would be earthy, fresh and bright. Are you thinking of arugula, radish and asparagus? So are we! Spring is the optimal time of year for serving dishes featuring crisp and refreshing veggies as a fitting complement to chicken dishes or adding local strawberries and blueberries […]

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